Описание мобильной игры

GO Free. Chess is a battle, Go is a war


Application stores are full of entertainments where gamers melt their minds and forget the world turning analysis process off. Perhaps, this is exactly why people play. They tend to relax and to digress from current issues. However, Al Factory interpreted one of the most ancient and the most difficult board games ever existed in a mobile app.

It has been three years since we have started our work on GO Free. Famous titled Go gamers participated in development and helped us create as live and realistic game as possible. We strived to make gamers feel they played with real opponents. We teached artificial intelligence to learn from a gamer’s playing style and it makes the game even harder starting from 6-th kyu.

Go is a game emperors were playing, Go is a game due royal kids were learning to rule to and it is a game teaching how to win in real life. It is not just an entertainment developing strategic thinking, it is philosophy that exists in basic aspects of reality. Japanese businessmen use Go principles in management of their companies. Yasuyuki Miura, the author of “Go: An Asian Paradigm for Business Strategy”, explains in his book how the territory dividing principle in Go relates to automobile market segmentation between Nissan and Toyota companies.

So GO Free is not an ordinary amusing application on your smartphone. This is an efficient business instrument that helps learn wisdom and management while playing. Try it and start applying new skills in your own business.

Блог-пост о тестировании безопасности беспилотных автомобилей

Тестирование безопасности беспилотных автомобилей

Написанный нами лонгрид на английском языке размещен в блоге известной украинской компании по разработке программного обеспечения «Archer-Soft». Полный вариант статьи можно посмотреть по ссылке на скриншоте. Текст вычитан носителем языка. В работе было использовано четкое техническое задание (ТЗ) от заказчика и использован полный набор основных и дополнительных ключевых запросов, предоставленных клиентом.

Пост в Facebook для магазина дверей и напольных покрытий

Пост в социальной сети для магазина дверей

Один из постов для социальной сети, темой которого является акция магазина. Публикация была написана без ТЗ и четких требований по содержанию (были заданы только объем текста и тема). Заказчик остался доволен.